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Justyn 's Mediterranean Charity Swim

I'm attempting to swim across the Mediterranean for The Recovery Course because I want to support the amazing work they do.

Dear friends, some of you may know I swam the Channel in 2014. The challenge this time is warmer, but still hard. In August (sometime between the 13th and 20th dependant on sea conditions) I am attempting a solo crossing of the Gibraltar Straight. At 16km its just a short hop, but there are two significant currents to battle as well as the busy shipping lanes!

I want to do this to support a charity called The Recovery Course which runs courses for anyone suffering from a compulsive habit that's causing harm in their lives or the lives of those around them. The course helped me to overcome my own habit. The sessions are offered for free and the charity relies on volunteers, so any donation, regardless of the size is very welcome and will be well received.

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